Sophia Webb took part in the Community Games Creative Communities competition and got 1st place in the 14-16 age group she will receive a special commemorative medal.


Sophie Webb


Sophie’s winning picture


The competition is the schools Credit Union Quiz. Both teams won & have qualified for the next round which is on in Kilkenny on 1st March.


From left to right the names are………….

Calum Joyce, Ben Curry, Zach Bolger, Ciara Lalor, Lia Morrissey, Colm Donald, Eoin Fanning and Odhran Maxwell. The A team (junior team) is Zach Bolger, Ciara Lalor, Colm Donald and Eoin Fanning and the B team (senior team) is Calum Joyce, Ben Curry, Lia Morrissey and Odhran Maxwell.