Last of the Summer Wine. Trad people take a bow.







SWIFTS in Ballon   ………no bird like the SWIFT.

Please, if you are walking around Ballon, keep a look out for the SWIFTS.

Please report any sightings to us.   They usually arrive during the month of May and pack up and leave the of end of August.

SWIFTS can be observed from St.Peter and Paul Walkway in Ballon

On the side of the Ballon Playschool, you will notice SWIFT boxes and we hope that the SWIFTS  will use them SOON.

Why not take notes and pictures of the days you can spot them? Evening time is usually the best time.

Put your observations up on Ballon Improvement Group Facebook Page.

The SWIFT is sooty brown all over, but against the sky, it appears black. It has long, scythe-like wings and a short, forked tail. You could mistake it for a Swallow, but the easiest way to tell them apart is to remember that SWIFTS do not bend their wings while flying. It’s also impossible to see them land – their nesting places are hidden away in roofs, and they fly in and out very quickly. SWIFTS have an unusually long lifespan for a bird – some can live to the age of 21!

Unlike Swallows, SWIFTS never perch. You might see screaming parties of them. SWIFTS  are superb fliers and spend almost the whole of their lives on the wing. They land only to breed – they even sleep on the wing!



I hope you can share this on your platforms so all children can get involved in the Scarecrow competition locally.
The competition is being run by Maire George from Ballon Improvement Group. She has asked us to share this with you so everyone can get involved. 
The competition takes place on the 12th of June, 2023.
I have attached the application form.
Kind regards
Shona Nugent
Ballon Business & Training Service
The Old School

Scarecrow Comp Application Form 23


See local artist Ciara Chapman in the link below





An Taisce anti-litter event is now in progress

Thanks to the civic-minded volunteers who played their part. Much more to do, though.

Thanks to Zeraffa’s Centre for the warm welcome and refreshments


First seed sowing at Ballon Schools’ new Pollytunnel of 2023.  Some wildflower seeds are being sown for later plantation into  Ballon Village Gardens.



Ballon to benefit from new hackney service.