RTE did a program on the county. Below is a link to an interview at Siopa Glas.

Siopa Glas RTE Radio 1_240105_131844


Here is a pic of some cuttings for plants for our May 2024 plant and Seed fair. 
Bi ullamh I gconaì. Always be ready!



Get colouring the Biodiversity pictures

Our vegetable garden in front of the school will be turned into a wildflower haven in 2024. 
New veg beds will be created at the back of the school adjacent to the new Polytunnel.
It would be good if we could get others to create a  special Biodiversity area.  Any ideas on how to get it done? 
One idea. 
Have some wildflower seeds, including yellow rattle, for sale at Siopa Glas. 
Going to get some fruit trees again this year.