This page is for pictures ‘ancient and modern’ for 2010 which are not included with a specific article elsewhere in the site. If you want to include a photograph please send by email to the webguy and give a short narrative.


Ice Queen's throne

The Ice Queen’s throne?….

Stone saw

The stone circular stone at Carlow Stone Centre. Submitted by Tracy Murphy.



Bridge over the Barrack Stream



Ballon Hill

Ballon Hill

These three pictures were taken by Brid Lalor, Ballykealey, showing she has a good eye.


The thaw

The thaw is setting in.

Added 3/12/10

1950 Ford Pilot

Davey Brennan set this picture up yesterday following a 3 hour exhaustive
round trip from Bog Lane to Altamont.
It’s the incongruity between the preserved 1950 Ford Pilot and
the winter landscape that holds my attention.

Added 11/11/10

A swan at Altamont. By Maire George

There’s something for everyone in this picture. The perfect reflection, the framing, the bridge and the swan.

Taken by Mairé George of Craanpurshen, Ballon at Altamont Gardens.

Added 7/11/10

Wild horses on Mt. Leinster

Horses grazing on Mt. Leinster, summer 2010.

I like this picture as there is plenty of motion shown by the outstretched necks and wind blow manes and tails.

Submitted by Des Keppel, Rathrush, Ballon


Crab spider, Misumena vatia

The white spider is just 10mm tall on tippy toes.


I spotted these spiders when working in the vegetable garden and thought I was experiencing a David Attenborough moment. So I sent the pictures to the National Museum of Ireland and this is  the interesting if deflating reply. Your inquiry and photos were passed onto me by the Museum’s keeper, Nigel Monoghan. The white spider is the crab spider Misumena vatia, a relatively common species in Ireland that specializes in ambushing large flying insects taking nectar from tall flowers. The stance it took is not aggressive, it is attempting to ‘balloon’, or disperse through the air using its silk as a parachute. It sticks its backside in the air and allows long lines of silk (the same material spiders build webs with) to exude from its spinnerets. These lines float in the wind and when currents are appropriate will pick the spider up and allow it to travel considerable distances in search of favourable habitat. The other spider is probably a linyphiid spider (there are many species in Ireland) though which species is uncertain without getting the specimen under a microscope. It too may have been attempting to balloon. At this time of year, especially on mild mornings with a light breeze many spiders may be seen climbing walls etc in an attempt to hitch a ride on a passing gust. Hope this is of help, Myles Nolan.


Bubbles on Grafton Street

A street performer was entertaining in Grafton St. Mrs. Martin and I were having a coffee on the balcony
in Bewleys. It’s all a matter of being in the right place and having a camera.

Added 15/9/10


Weimaraners watching the gulls Picture by Anthony McNulty at Kilmore Beach. A picture with a similar composition won 1st prize in a recent international competition.

Added 3/9/10

Bridget Hutton

This is from Bridget Hutton, Kilnock, Ballon. She just finished her B.Ed degree in St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra, and during the summerI was asked back to paint a mural in the college. The mural entitled ‘College Dreams’, details the possible journey of a student starting out in St. Patricks College. The dreaming girl in question is located on the right hand side of the picture, with her dreams bubbles forming the St. Patrick’s Crest, and the Student Union Logo. The background, presented as a comic strip, details the paths and ventures open to a student who is beginning life as a Student in St. Patrick’s College. The purpose of the Mural is to inspire students and others to grasp the opportunities available to them and really live life to the full.


Meadow Sweet at the Barrack Stream

Meadow Sweet overhanging the Barrack stream – the last of the Summer Wine

Grasses overhanging the Slaney in Tullow

Grasses overhanging the River Slaney in Tullow



This recently thatched granite cottage is just about perfect. it’s located in the townsland of Knockdoorish entering Ballon from Bunclody


St Peter's Square

St. Peter’s Square from the dome of the Basilica. Submitted by Michael Lacey, Ballykealey Manor Hotel who climbed to the top. (Why is it called it a square?)


Mother Thrush finished shopping.

Mother thrush wants to feed her kids but there is a camera man in the way.

Hungry chicks

These too want to see the back of him.

Feeding time for the trush chicks.

At last we’re being fed juicy worms. Hang on though. Who took the picture?


Scruff and Sleek

Scruff and Sleek in Ballykealey walled garden It’s all in the genes


Ballon huddled in morning mist.

“Ballon huddled in morning mist” by John Carroll

Aghade church at dawn

Aghade church at dawn by John Carroll

Sky ballet

Sky ballet

Prima Ballerina

Prima ballerina

White doves to mark an occassion

The dove pictures were taken for Jamie’s Own White Angel Doves.
A charitable fund raising event for Console by Bunclody man Michael Ryan – tel: 087 9140261
The dove release can be for happy or sad occassions and is very emotive.

Drop of milk

This is a drop of milk about to enter a glass of water. See the set up. No high speed camera. No tricks

Set up for droplet photography


Water buttercup

Water buttercup (Caltha palustris) at the Barrack Stream, Ballon.
This was planted  after thinning out the goldfish pond.
The environment must suit as the leaves are 20 times the size of those in the pond.



My favourite picture so far this year. TheVolcano and the Northern Lights by JoiFrank

If you want to see more click here


Joe Donoghue sent these in from his second trip to N.Z.
The picture caption is a link to what they are all about. Thanks Joe.

Moeraki boulders

Moeraki Boulders

Pumakaiki or pancake rocks

Pancake Rocks

Thermal Valley

Thermal Valley


Corrib Flood

The Corrib river engulfs Fr Griffin Road in Galway or does it?
It’s the shortest river in Europe at just 6 km long.

Added 20/2/10

Young grey heron

A young grey Heron in the Barrack Stream, Ballykealey. Note the reflection

Added 14/2/10


The snowdrop. It’s worth having a close look as normally its seen from the top and this details isn’t seen.


Ceremony of Light. parents and Children

Parents had lit their candles from the Pascal candle and passed them to their children
who will receive their confirmation in Ballon church on Friday 26th February.

Added 11/2/10

 ’Altamont lake frozen

The frozen lake at Altamont by Colm McElwee

Weeping ash about 150 years old

A weeping ash, about 150, years old at Altamont Gardens and lit by a security light.
Fraxinus excelsior.

Winter sunset at Ballykealey

A winter sunset in Ballykealey

Added 4/2/10

Food riot

A food riot in Ballykealey – it gives meaning to ‘pecking order’

Added 30/1/09

Reflections in a drain

Reflection in a ditch. There’s about a 30 minute window of opportunity to get this.
The sun has to be at a critical angle for the reflection to show.

Added 14/1/10

Giant snowman at the Oaks

The Oaks Giant Snowman/woman !! Being constructed and with the children who made it:
Adam, Katie, Luke, Aaron, Daniel, Charlie, Mia, Joseph, Aine, Neidin, Callum, Eoin, Mairead, Nicole,
Angela, Evan, Emily and Abigail and of course thanks to the adults to assisted !!!
Picture by Mary Kinsella

Added 12/1/10


A powercut has it’s compensations.

Frosty makes a short visit.

Jonathan and Ysobel Castle with their new friend Frosty (Soon to depart)
Picture by Alister

Added 10/1/10

Community Centre

by Mairé George

Barrack Stream

by Brid Lalor

Blackbird feeling blue

A blackbird feeling blue.


A cold welcome to Ballon

A cold welcome to Ballon

Al fresco

The Ballykealey Umbrella Cafe for the birds

Well fed robin

A well fed and grateful robin enjoys the menu.

Ballykealey Manor Hotel

Ballykealey Manor Hotel.

Not a weed in sight

Not a weed in sight.

Work it out. It is seasonal.

Work it out. It is seasonal.

Conversion factor.

Not a lot of people know this.

Partial lunar eclipse on New Years Eve 2009

Partial lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve 2009