This year the committee organised a trip down south.

First there was brunch at Rhu Glenn Hotel followed by a drive through a spectrum of irish summer weather to Lismore Castle Gardens in County Waterford. If you are into gardening this is the place to go with it’s acres of well attended gardens, having a growth many weeks ahead of Ballon, architectural features and art gallery. There’s been a castle here since 1185. Whilst there a visit to the charming village itself showing off why it won the best kept village in the Tidy Towns. Also of note was the hotel, currently closed, reported to be the first purpose built hotel in Ireland. Close to the hotel was a recreational area boasting many features and similar in size to the land opposite our NS which BIG tried to encourage our councillors to develop for the same purpose. What a shame it didn’t achieve fruition. A lost opportunity to put a HEART into our village.

Next a shopping opportunity in Waterford City which suited the ladies but not most of the men. 50 people on the bus with about ten being male, so the majority got its way.

Finally a dinner at the Talbot Hotel in Carlow where the food and the service was good.

Not many pictures but here are some. Well done the committee.