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Update 21st Sept. 2007


Ballon has a new All Ireland sports champion. On Sunday September 16th, Noel Hutton, Kilnock won the National Auto Grass Championship (Class 3) at Lismore, County Waterford.

The competition was held over three weeks in Counties Waterford and Down during the summer months and going into the final leg Noel was level on points to his strongest competitor after ten races. There were five more races to decide on the winner and on the penultimate race Noel was four points ahead with the need to win the last race to claim the trophy. This he did in style and became the worthy winner.

Noel has been involved with Autrograss Racing for the last ten years, being a founder member, and in competitive racing for the last 29 years.

Noel said that on the day of the race everything went perfectly, the car, the track, the conditions and himself.

Noel and his son Brian build their own cars modifying normal production models and fitting oversize engines, stiffeners and suspension to bring them up to competition standard. They are in competition with others who can afford to pay 30,000 Euro for a performance vehicle so the victory is doubly sweet.

It was an excellent weekend for the Hutton Family as Noel’s son, Brian, finished in fourth place in the Class 5 championship.

Pictured are Brian and Noel with their trophies.

Both men are members of Carlow Autograss Club whose home track is at Aghade.

Ireland has four clubs with about 600 members including 400 drivers. The teams also compete regularly in the UK on a regular. Noel's best win in the UK was to come 4th.

See some pictures here of a recent race in Aghade, the home track