Altamont Gardens

Ballykealey Gardens


Tivoli Gardens

Cemetery - New planters


An archival must - order from email


It pays to look closely

Summer in Melbourne

Summer in Ireland - the two Micks on the Seniors summer outing

One of our new wild flower bed visitors

En route to Carlow

Shepherds Warning? - nothing is sure now-a-days

Our wild flower beds

Millenium Bed - September 2007 - kept by Máire George

Hanging baskets - September 2007 - kept by Mick McGrath

Thanks to Dick Fitzgerald - Craanpursheen - Harvesting the Oats with the Carlow colours

The Goose Man - Dick's husbandry soon might be a thing of the past.

Dawn Power - November 2007

Sunset on the Pampas Grass - November 2007