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A Bee Survey – 12/10/16 – a new initiative

We can start right away. Need  info on what type you see and do a count. Keep records and let have them by first week in May 2017. Thank you. Save this picture and print it for handy reference.





This is an effort to capture in images all that nature offers in the parish of Ballon.

It will be of interest to those who walk in the area and to children who want to know what the parish has to offer.

It will be of benefit to BIG when competing in the Tidy Towns.

It can be extended to cover trees, shrubs, birds, wild animals etc.

Join in. It should be fun.

Ballykealey Lane 365.

All 72 flowers seen in the lane over a 12month period. Mostly natural some introduced. Thanks to Paul Cutler and Ciaran Byrne for helping with identification. A Heritage Board is being prepared for display in the lane.

Invalid Displayed Gallery

These pictures are of all wild flowers locally. If you see others in the area let me know or send a picture.

98 wild flowers so far 29/4/15

 These pictures are of birds seen locally – have you others?