A timely note by Eamon Brennan of Boggan.

On behalf of everyone in the parish I  wish Father Howard and Father Whelan a speedy recovery.

I extend a warm welcome to Father Jim O’Connell who returns to the parish for a second time. Many of us have fond memories when he was with us in the 70’s.

A lot of people now in the parish would have no recollection of him due to age difference or having moved in after he left in 1976. I give an insight into the man who presently celebrates Mass, buries our dead, administers matrimony and christenings and attends the sick.

One of his creations in the 70’s was to launch a parish magazine called “The Link”which came out annually initially and then evolved to a weekly publication named the “Inter Link”. This, in turn morphed into the current parish newsletter.

Thanks to the people who recorded their thoughts and gratitude to Fr. O’ when he left the parish to go to Portlaoise. Fr. Flood PP, Mrs Ellie Byrne, Mr James Morris N.T, all now deceased RIP; Mrs Marian Hennessy (maiden name). Thanks also to Anna Hutton of Kilnock who through her regard for Fr.O’ kept a copy of the “Inter Link” at the time of  his departure which records his achievements in the parish and best describes the man who now administers your faith.

The pages are set out in the gallery below and with patience are readable and informative. Have a good look at the names of the players on the A and B teams.