These are the actual envelopes used to contact the Lecky's from England. They are shown enlarged but the actual measurement is 4" X 2.5" and small by today's standards.

White envelope front

This is addressed to Mrs. Lecky but the address is Ballykealey, Ballon.

White envelope back

This is dated September 25th 1851. The seal is of red wax but there is no imprint.
'Jenny's Marriage' is written on the back – an invitation perhaps?

Black envelope front

Note that Ballykealey is shown as part of Tullow. Tullow must have been the sorting office,
as it is to-day. The stamp is the 'Penny Red' – not valuable like it's black cousin.

Black envelope back

This is the back and the envelope has been stamped three times – September 14th, 15th & 16th.
There is a wax seal imprint which depicts an owl. Has the black any significance?